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Clarification about importing hunting trophies

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Ottawa, September 10, 2013: The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) wants to clarify information about bringing hunting trophies into Canada, including hides and skins, wool, hair and feathers.

Some stakeholders received information that implied that the CFIA Importation of Integumentary Tissues Policy was changed. This is not the case. The confusion may have stemmed from some minor modifications that were made to the policy in order to update the language.

Importing hunting trophies is regulated under The Health of Animals Regulations, Sections 42 and 50, and the import requirements for trophies are outlined in the CFIA Importation of Integumentary Tissues Policy.

The CFIA's animal product import requirements are aimed at preventing foreign animal disease, such as foot-and-mouth disease, from entering Canada and posing a risk to human and animal health.

The CFIA reminds importers who are bringing animal hunting trophies across the border that these items need to be clean, disease-free and conform to CFIA policy.

For more information, consult the CFIA Importation of Integumentary Tissues Policy. If you have specific questions, contact the respective CFIA Area Import Specialist.

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