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Export of Dogs and Cats to Singapore

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All information and export certificates that relate to bringing dogs and cats to Singapore are available on the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) of Singapore website. Within this link, under "Before Bringing Dogs and Cats into Singapore", you will find the Veterinary Conditions for Category C Countries in section 4. The Veterinary Certificate for the Import of Dogs and Cats into Singapore is located in those conditions.

Please read the website carefully to ensure that all the required steps have been followed to allow for your pet's successful and safe entry into the country. It is absolutely necessary to apply for an import licence and a customs permit from the AVA. Application information can be found in section 6, "Obtain a dog licence to apply for AVA import licence and Singapore Customs clearance", under "Before Bringing Dogs and Cats into Singapore".

Please note any specific quarantine requirements, fees, or time constraints for your particular situation.

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