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Owners of small flocks, birds and pets: avian influenza

Your small flocks and pet birds could be at risk of catching bird flu, especially in the spring and fall. Keep your pets safe, watch out for the disease and be aware of import requirements.

Services and information

Protect your flock from bird flu

How birds get sick, signs of bird flu, how to avoid bird flu, spotting a sick or dead bird, what to do if you think your birds are infected.

Pets and H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI)

Risks to pets, risks for pet owners, signs of bird flu, protecting your pet.

Import restrictions imposed by Canada from non-US countries: pet birds

Countries from where importing live pet birds is banned, import permit application process, quarantine requirements.

5 rules to prevent and detect disease in small flocks and pet birds

Prevent contact, clean, spot the signs and report early, limit exposure to visitors, keep new birds separate.

What to expect if your animals are infected

Immediate steps we follow if domestic birds are suspected of being infected.

Non-commercial premises (bird flocks): Process when declared infected

Assessing the site, decontaminating, cleaning, disinfecting.

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