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Latest bird flu situation

We are currently responding to cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in birds across Canada. Avian influenza is spreading across the globe. Anyone with birds must practice good biosecurity habits to protect poultry and prevent disease. HPAI is not a food safety concern. There is no evidence to suggest that eating cooked poultry or eggs could transmit HPAI to humans.

Services and information

Status by province

HPAI investigations by province, including the estimated number of infected birds and control zone orders.

Moving flocks and poultry products through control zones

Map of affected areas, permits and conditions.

Permits and conditions

What is required for the movement of birds, their products and by-products through a control zone.

Investigations and orders

Current and recent investigations on AI detections by province (including declaration, designation and revocation orders).

Infected and high risk premises

What to expect, compensation, what happens after an infection, cleaning and disinfection

Facts about avian influenza (bird flu)

General information about bird flu and reducing the spread of the disease.

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