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National Farm and Facility Level Biosecurity User Guide for the Equine Sector
Annex 6: Vitals Exam Record

Sample form for vitals exam record. Description follows.
Description for image – Vitals Exam Record

Sample form for vitals exam record

The form heading reads: Vitals Exam Record – When at competition or any commingling venue.

The heading is followed by a paragraph: Monitor rectal temperature twice per day. If temperature exceeds normal value, perform a horse health check and contract your veterinarian as necessary.

The form then contains two fields:

  1. Horse Name
  2. Horse Identification

The rest of the form is a table used to collect the following information:

  • Under the header Normal values: Date
  • Under the header 37.0-38.5°C (98.6-101.3°F) Adult at rest , 37.5-38.9°C (99.5-102.0°F) Foals/Newborn:
    • Temperature amC)
    • Temperature pmC)
  • Under the header 10-14 breaths per minute Adult at rest, 20-40 breaths per minute in foals or newborns:
    • Respiratory rate (Breaths per minute)
  • Under the header 28-44 bpm Adult at rest, 80-100 bpm Foals/Newborn
  • Heart rate in Beats per minute (bpm)
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