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Fish By-Product Renderers

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On July 12, 2007, a series of amendments to the Feeds Regulations, 1983, and the Health of Animals Regulations came into effect, to further protect animal health and accelerate the eradication of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in Canada. 

Fish by-product renderers are defined as those who receive inedible offal, fish or fish by-products from fish processing plants or other sources and render it to produce fish meal or fish oil products.

Requirements for fish by-product renderers

As a result of the regulatory amendments described above, the following requirements apply to all fish by-product rendering facilities as of July 12, 2007:

One of the benefits of these amendments is enhanced traceability of fish meal and fish oil from both domestic and import sources through the feed system. Fish meal and fish oil have a broad range of applications in animal feeds and fertilizers. Identifying the locations and origin of primary ingredients, such as fish meal and fish oil, allows the CFIA to more effectively direct its resources to monitoring and sampling activities related to the safety of these products. Sampling and testing these ingredients directly, rather than the finished feed products, provides a more accurate picture of the safety of the ingredients.

Rendering Plant Operating Permits

Rendering permits are issued for a period of one year, normally beginning on April 1st and ending on March 31st. There are no fees for a permit. Permit issuance is subject to an inspection of the rendering facility showing that it is in full compliance with the regulations. Once a fish by-product renderer has been identified, and a preliminary inspection completed, a temporary rendering permit will be issued to them.

All fish by-products renderers must have a CFIA rendering permit to continue operating.

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