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Record of Decision regarding a Request for Review of Feed Inspection Policies and Procedures

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Area of Reference

Batching Tolerances

CVS Task(s)

1109 and 1108

Effective Date

January 11, 2010

Excerpt from Task Standard (Task 1109) Prior to January 11, 2010


Section 14 (b) of the Feeds Regulations requires that medicated feeds contain the level of medication identified in the CMIB or on a veterinary prescription while Section 20 requires that a feed has the chemical composition to ensure it is efficacious for its intended use.

Section 171(1) of the Health of Animals Regulations requires that feed manufacturers maintain records including:

As some manufacturers find it difficult to maintain mixing sheets for each feed, the CFIA has developed an inspection protocol that allows for check off systems provided they are properly documented to meet the intent of the Health of Animals Regulations requirement for recordkeeping. To ensure consistent compliance assessments are made by inspection staff, standards for the check off system were developed and included in the verification task procedures for Task 1109 as identified above.


Review Decision made by

CFIA Issue Resolution Working Group
December 17, 2009

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