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Information concerning support for the continued supply of livestock feed as supply chain challenges persist


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has developed temporary measures and conditions to help the animal feed industry continue to maintain the supply of feed to livestock and protect animal health in light of supply chain issues that have been aggravated by border blockages.

The CFIA expects that regulated parties will continue to act responsibly during this period to minimize the effects and duration of any non-compliance. The CFIA has developed the following temporary measures and conditions for feed manufacturers to support the continued supply of livestock feed.

For feeds that are typically exempt from registration:

For registered standard feeds (complete feeds, supplements, premixes):

For registered specialty feeds that are identified by the number 8 in the second digit of the registration number (for example, reg. # 98xxx or reg. # 18xxx):

In all cases, the temporary reformulation of feeds must:

Feed manufacturers are required to:

For livestock feeds manufactured in in accordance with these temporary measures, CFIA feed inspectors will not issue corrective action requests (CARs) where:

When these temporary measures are withdrawn, feed manufacturers will be required to:

The CFIA's Enforcement and Compliance Policy has always been to respond to non-compliance with fairness, impartiality and transparency. The CFIA will continue to do so with additional considerations specific to the current situation. While all requirements of the regulations will continue to apply, the CFIA wishes to assure industry that it will exercise its enforcement discretion in a flexible manner and will take into account challenges faced by the feed industry at this time.

This notice is in effect until further notice and will be revisited as the situation evolves. If you have questions or for any other urgent concerns related to the current situation, please contact the CFIA's Animal Feed and Veterinary Biologics Division at

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