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List of approved ingredients and registered feeds for livestock in Canada

List of registered livestock feeds in Canada

This is a list of livestock feeds registered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) under the authority of the Feeds Act and regulations. A feed with an active registration can be manufactured, sold or imported in Canada.

List of Registered Livestock Feeds in Canada

List of approved ingredients

Schedules IV and V of the Feeds Regulations are the lists of ingredients that have been evaluated and approved by the CFIA for manufacture, sale or import in Canada.

Note: all ingredients or products, in part or in whole, comprised of nano-materials require approval or registration.

Part I of Schedules IV and V

Ingredients listed in part I of Schedules IV and V are exempt from registration and may be used, sold and imported freely in the manufacture of feeds in Canada, provided they:

Part I ingredients may not have extra label guarantees or claims. Ingredients with extra label guarantees or claims that are not prescribed in the Feeds Regulations require pre-market assessment and approval.

Part II of Schedules IV and V

Ingredients in part II Schedule IV and V are not exempt from registration. As there may be inherent safety and/or efficacy variations associated with an individual source of the ingredient, or introduced via the manufacturing process, a pre-market evaluation is required. Each manufacturing site is considered a distinct source for a single ingredient feed (SIF) listed in part II of Schedule IV or V. Each source of a SIF must be evaluated with data to support the safety and/or efficacy of the product. Once the evaluation is completed and approved by the CFIA, a registration number is assigned to the SIF listed in part II. For a SIF part II that is manufactured at multiple sites, the same registration number can be assigned once the CFIA has verified that the manufacturing process, raw materials including grade, purity, levels of contaminants, quality controls and final product specifications are equivalent between these manufacturing sites.

To search for ingredients that are registered sources, refer to the List of registered livestock feeds in Canada.

Ingredients requiring approval and/or registration

For more information about approval or registration, refer to the RG-1 Regulatory Guidance: Feed Registration Procedures and Labelling Standards.

The Schedules IV and V of the Feeds Regulations are available on request by emailing the Animal Feed Program. Please send an email with the subject line "Schedules IV and V" at:

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