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Infographic: The Establishment-based Risk Assessment model for food establishments

CFIA experts, in collaboration with members of academia, as well as, representatives from the Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada participated in the development of the ERA-Food model. This Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) provided advice and leadership, and worked along with a CFIA technical working group. A scientific and transparent approach was followed in the development of the model; positioning the CFIA as global leader in food safety.

Six steps were followed and are/will be described in peer-reviewed scientific papers:


Identification and selection of factors associated with food safety risk

Risk factor weighting

Source attribution at the sub-product level and design of the Establishment-based Risk Assessment model for food establishments

Test the model with pilot projects

Performance assessment of the model

Next Steps

Apply refinements as needed. The ERA-Food model is flexible and adaptable to be able to evolve, as new risk and information becomes available, for example new processing technologies, new scientific knowledge, new pathogens, trends in specific food safety issues, etc.

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