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Introduction to the Establishment-based Risk Assessment Model for food establishments - eLearning


This self-paced e-Learning course is made up of two lessons that should take 45 minutes to complete. The first lesson is designed for you to learn about the risk analysis process. It will explain why risk analysis is important and what risk factors influence CFIA decision making with regards to mitigating and managing food safety risks.

The second lesson focuses on the Establishment-based Risk Assessment model for food establishments (ERA-Food): what makes the ERA-Food model robust, which factors and criteria are used by the model to assess the risk of a food establishment, and what specific inherent, mitigation and compliance risk factors mean.

Registering to an Online Course

Step 1: Follow this link: Introduction to the Establishment-based Risk Assessment (ERA) Model

Step 2: Log in or create a new account by following the instructions provided

You are invited to complete each module in the course in the order they are presented and when you are finished, please complete the follow-up survey.

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