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Travelling with pets: What's the deal?

July 2017

Learn about travelling with your pets.

Travelling with Pets: What's the Deal? – Transcript

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency corporate introduction plays. It shows images that represent the work of the Agency including a petri dish, strawberries, a growing plant, a chicken and a maple leaf.

Text: CFIA – Safeguarding with Science

A spokesperson stands on a beach with the ocean in the background.

It's vacation time, and Sparky's along for the ride!

A dog wearing sunglasses appears on the beach and barks.

An airplane flies across the screen.

The spokesperson appears in front of a green background. He is holding a small dog.

What does the CFIA have in common with today's special guest?

Animated text accompanied by an upbeat jingle: What's the Deal?

The spokesperson reappears in front of a green background, surrounded by illustrations of animals: A dog, a lizard, a spider, a snake, a bird, a cat, a rabbit, a hamster and a turtle.

If you're bringing pets into Canada, or returning with pets after an international trip, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has a role to play!

A small dog appears in front of a spiral background. Question marks appear around the dog's head.

So, what's the deal?

The spokesperson reappears holding the dog.

When you cross the border with your pets, don't set yourself up for a delay!

A map of Canada appears behind the spokesperson.

The CFIA regulates pets coming into Canada, to prevent animal diseases from being introduced into the country.

What documents will you need?

An illustration of a pencil and paper appears beside the spokesperson.

That's a great question!

The spokesperson disappears, then reappears holding the dog.

Dogs need vaccination certificates, or proof-of-age if they're less than 3 months old.

Illustrations of dogs appear around the spokesperson and an illustrated spinning globe is shown.

Is the dog a pet or companion animal? What country are you coming from?

Illustrations of a wide variety of animals are shown. These include several dogs, cats, fish, lizards, birds and other animals.

Depending on the answers, other rules can apply, and other kinds of pets have different requirements.

The spokesperson reappears. The "Travelling with Pets" page from the CFIA website is shown in the background.

But the CFIA is here to help! The "Travelling with Pets" online tool is easy-to-use and provides the information you need before you start your trip.

A dog is shown typing on a laptop.

A sequence of illustrations are shown on paper: A bird, a cat and a reptile.

Whether you're carrying Betty the bird, Charlie the cat, or Randy the reptile – everything you need to know is just a click away.

A mouse cursor is shown on screen with the spokesperson.

Three modes of travel are shown: A passenger train, a small car carrying luggage on its roof, and an airplane.

By plane, train or automobile, keep your pets safe while you travel. Use the right kind of carrier and watch the forecast to avoid extreme temperatures.

The spokesperson stands on the beach while holding the small dog.

Have your paperwork ready when you get to the border, so you and Sparky will have a happy vacation.

The spokesperson kisses the dog.

The CFIA web address appears on screen:

Learn more about travelling with your pets: Visit

Text: Special thanks to SPCA de l'Outaouais (

Canada wordmark. Copyright Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada (Canadian Food Inspection Agency), 2017.

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