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Travelling with a pet

Pets must meet specific requirements when travelling to Canada or another country. It is your responsibility to review all the requirements for your situation.

Some requirements must be completed at specific times and if not completed correctly or on time your pet may not be eligible to travel and be refused entry.

As soon as you know your travel details, contact your local veterinarian to assist with the pet travel process. Requirements could include obtaining a health certificate, updating vaccinations, testing, or administering medications.

Only dogs, cats and ferrets qualify as pets by CFIA. Check requirements for other animals if you're travelling with a non-traditional pet.

Travelling to Canada from another country (import requirements)

Requirements for bringing an animal into Canada apply to the following situation:

Travelling from Canada to another country (export requirements)

The country you're travelling to may have requirements your pet must meet before they can enter the country. Export requirements are determined by each country and can change frequently. Every time you plan to travel with your pet, it is your responsibility to check the requirements and allow enough time to get your pet ready to travel.

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