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Measures for consumer protection requirements template

SFCA/R section Description of requirement Foods with this requirement Measures to address requirement
201 Standards prescribed for food – common names
205 Prepackaged food, other than consumer prepackaged food – one official language requirement
206(1) Consumer prepackaged food – bilingual language requirement
208 Legibility of label
218 Prepackaged food – information (common name, name and principal place of business, requirements of the Food and Drug regulations)
221 Consumer prepackaged food – declaration of net quantity
296 Label of edible meat products – exception (label does not meet requirements)
306 Mandatory grading
307 Optional grading
316 Eggs – Canada A – size designation
317 Prepackaged fish – class and size designation
321 Fresh fruits or vegetables – size designation
322 Processed fruit or vegetable products – size designation
324 Honey – colour class
325 Maple syrup – colour class
326 Prepackaged cut of beef
328 Livestock carcass – removal of marking
6(1) of Act Food is labelled and packaged in a manner that is not false, misleading, deceptive or likely to create an inaccurate impression.
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