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How to request marine biotoxin testing for shellfish

New request process

There is a new process for requesting testing services for marine biotoxins in shellfish. The Request for an Inspection of Fish Form (CFIA/ACIA 2003/05) will no longer be accepted for marine biotoxin testing requests. The new process is outlined on this page.

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Canadian businesses and organizations can request marine biotoxin testing for shellfish from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) laboratories. The Dartmouth, Longueuil and Burnaby laboratories can test for paralytic shellfish toxin, amnesic shellfish toxin, and diarrhetic shellfish toxin. Currently, the CFIA has the only ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories in Canada with marine biotoxin testing methods within their scope of accreditation.

Before you can request testing

Before you can request testing from a CFIA laboratory, you must sign a service agreement and arrange for credit privileges. The CFIA has the authority to determine which requests for testing are deemed appropriate and warrant a service agreement.

Request or renew a service agreement

Email to request a service agreement.

Service agreements must be renewed every 2 years.

Arrange for credit privileges

If you don't already have a client account with the CFIA, request an Application for Credit Form (CFIA/ACIA 0015) via email and send the completed form to


There is a fee for marine biotoxin testing services. The fee amount is included in your service agreement. CFIA fees are subject to an annual adjustment, in effect as of March 31 annually.

How to request testing services

Make sure you've met all the requirements outlined in your service agreement.

Contact 1 of the following CFIA laboratories to make arrangements before sending your samples for testing.

CFIA's regulatory testing activities take precedence. CFIA laboratories may not always have the capacity to perform testing.

Dartmouth, NS Laboratory

Wade Rourke
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
1992 Agency Drive
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
B3B 1Y9

Longueuil, QC Laboratory

Julien Brazeau
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
1001 Saint-Laurent West
Longueuil, Quebec
J4K 1C7

Burnaby, BC Laboratory

Carolyn Bateman
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
3155 Willingdon Green
Burnaby, British Columbia
V5G 4P2

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