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Producer Guide to the National Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard for Potato Growers
A Guide to Developing Your Farm Biosecurity Plan

About the Producer Guide

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This Producer Guide has been developed to assist with developing a Farm Biosecurity Plan by providing guidance on strategic practices that may be adopted to enhance your current farm biosecurity. The Producer Guide provides information on biosecurity practices that can be implemented at the farm level to achieve the Target Outcomes of the National Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard for Potato Growers.

The Farm Biosecurity Plan will differ from one farm to another, as biosecurity practices and requirements vary, depending upon factors such as the operation size and geographical spread, rotational crops, and the type of potato production. For example, a large geographically diverse farm, or a seed potato farm, may require more extensive Farm Biosecurity Plans compared to a contiguous farm or a processing or table-stock operation. Developing and implementing a Farm Biosecurity Plan that is appropriate for your operation and that, ultimately, enhances the protection of plant health is an important factor.

Target Outcome:

To enable potato producers to develop and implement a farm-specific biosecurity plan that provides a systematic approach to minimizing the introduction and spread of pests and diseases, both at the farm-level and across Canada.

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