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Producer Guide to the National Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard for Potato Growers
A Guide to Developing Your Farm Biosecurity Plan

What does a Biosecurity Plan Look Like?

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A Farm Biosecurity Plan could consist of a detailed farm map(s), and farm policies and procedures regarding farm property management, farm operational management, and plant health management. Documenting these policies and procedures would benefit consistent application and demonstrate to current or future customers that your farm operates under biosecurity practices.

Other programs such as CanadaGAPTM, which may already be operational on your farm, have components that apply to biosecurity, and those can be referenced as part of your Farm Biosecurity Plan.

The Farm Biosecurity Planning Tool (FBPT) – Appendix A – will assist you in developing your Farm Biosecurity Plan. The Planning Tool is a guiding document that allows for determining and recording existing biosecurity practices. Working through this tool may identify gaps in your current biosecurity practices and thus provide opportunities for enhancement.

The Farm Biosecurity Plan should be reviewed and updated regularly as new biosecurity information becomes available or if there are changes to your farm operation.

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