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Producer Guide to the National Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard for Potato Growers
A Guide to Developing Your Farm Biosecurity Plan

Appendix B: Acknowledgements

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Advisory and Technical Committees

Keith Kuhl - Canadian Horticultural Council

Craig Anderson - Canadian Horticultural Council

David Jones - Canadian Horticultural Council

Edzo Kok - Potato Growers of Alberta

Deb Hart - Potato Growers of Alberta

Paul Laflamme - Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry

Brenda Simmons - Prince Edward Island Potato Board

Dr. Mathuresh Singh - Agricultural Certification Services/Potatoes New Brunswick

Joe Brennan - Potatoes New Brunswick

Annie Berger - Fédération des Producteurs de Pommes de Terre du Québec

Réal Brière - Fédération des Producteurs de Pommes de Terre du Québec

Dr. Tracy Shinners-Carnelley - Peak of the market

John Konst - Saskatchewan Seed Potato Growers Association

Dr. Doug Waterer - University of Saskatchewan

Bill Zylmans - British Columbia Potato Growers Association

Don Brubacher - Ontario Potato Board

Susan Ainsworth - Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives

Brian Matheson - Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture

Gary Linkletter - Prince Edward Island Potato Board

Abdul Isse - Agriculture and Agri-food Canada


Alain Boucher

Jarvis Mawhinney

Office of Animal Biosecurity

Public Affairs

Animal Health Directorate Communicatons



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