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Notice of submission from BASF Canada Inc. for novel food, livestock feed and environmental safety approval for commercial planting purposes of a plant genetically modified for plant-parasitic nematode protection and herbicide tolerance

May 2019


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Health Canada (HC) have received a submission from BASF Canada Inc. seeking an approval for unconfined environmental release and livestock feed and food use of Glycine max L. (soybean) designated as Event GMB151 , which has been genetically engineered for plant parasitic nematode-protection and herbicide tolerance. The submission received is in accordance with CFIA guidelines for the assessment of plants with novel traits for unconfined release, CFIA guidelines for the assessment of novel feeds from plants with novel traits, and Health Canada guidelines for assessment of novel foods.

Summary of the submission package

Updated scientific information may be added to this submission by the developer at a later date, or CFIA and/or Health Canada may request further information from the developer.

Description of the host plant

Description of the modification

GMB151 was developed through recombinant DNA technology. In order to assess the modification process the following has been submitted:

Inheritance and stability of the introduced trait

In order to assess the inheritance and stability of the genetic modification the following has been submitted:

Description of the novel traits

In order to characterize the DNA inserted in the plant, the following has been submitted:

Toxicity/allergenicity of the novel gene products

In order to assess toxicity and allergenicity of the novel proteins, the following has been submitted:

Nutritional evaluation of the modified plant

In order to assess nutritional aspects of soybean GMB151 the dietary exposure has been considered and the nutritional composition of the soybean GMB151 has been compared to that of unmodified soybean.

Evaluation of the environmental impact of the modified plant

In order to assess the environmental impact of soybean GMB151, the following was assessed:

Additional information

For more information on this product, please contact:

BASF Canada Inc.
100 Milverton Drive, 5th floor
Mississauga, ON
L5R 4H1
(289) 360-1300

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