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The Roundup Ready® Alfalfa Assessment

Monsanto Canada Inc. and Forage Genetics International LLC have jointly developed Roundup Ready® alfalfa for use in the commercial production of forage for livestock feed.

This product has the capacity to withstand the application of Roundup® herbicide, which would enable alfalfa producers to suppress or control weeds.

In 2005, Roundup Ready® alfalfa underwent livestock feed, environmental safety and food assessments conducted by the CFIA and HC.

As part of this process, Monsanto Canada Inc. and Forage Genetics International LLC provided extensive data and related scientific literature for review by scientists at the CFIA and HC.  The submitted data included a detailed description of how Roundup Ready® alfalfa was developed and how the tolerance to Roundup® occurred in the plant.  Roundup Ready® alfalfa was field tested in Canada under strictly controlled conditions in Manitoba and Ontario.  These field trials provided essential data required for the safety assessments.  Field trial data confirmed that Roundup Ready® alfalfa behaved no differently than conventional alfalfa.

The CFIA's environmental safety assessment concluded that Roundup Ready® alfalfa is as safe for the environment as conventional alfalfa. The same conclusion was reached for its effect on bees, other insects or other plants.

The livestock feed safety assessment determined that Roundup Ready® alfalfa is nutritionally equivalent to conventional alfalfa and similar to commercial varieties grown in North America. Further, the analysis showed that no new toxins or allergens were present.

HC conducted a similar analysis and determined that food from Roundup Ready® alfalfa is as safe as food from conventional alfalfa.

Since 2005, the CFIA has continued to review new science as it has become available and has determined that Roundup Ready® alfalfa is as safe as conventional alfalfa.

In 2013, Gold Medal Seeds Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Forage Genetics International LLC, submitted an application for variety registration to the CFIA. The application was assessed and the variety was registered on April 26, 2013. Variety registration enables Roundup Ready® alfalfa seed to be commercially sold in Canada.

Summary of the CFIA's safety assessment

Summary of Health Canada's safety assessment

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