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Assignment of Plant Breeders' Rights

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The following letter may serve as a standard form to be completed when an assignment of a new variety occurs after the grant of rights. Assignments are covered under subsection 31(1) of the Plant Breeders' Rights Act and sections 12 and 26 of the Regulations. The assignee shall submit the following information within 30 days after the date of the assignment of plant breeders' rights.

I, (assignor) whose full post office address is

in consideration of $ the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, do hereby sell and assign,

effective the day of 20,

to (assignee) whose full post office address is

the full and exclusive right, title and interest in Canada and to the Plant Breeders' Rights Certificate (number ) for the

(common name of species)

variety entitled (variety denomination)

granted on the day of

to be held and enjoyed by the said assignee to the full end of the term for which the Plant Breeders' Rights are granted, as fully and entirely as the same could have been held and enjoyed by me if this assignment and sale had not been made.

Signed at (City/town and Country)

this day of 20


Signed at (City/Town and Country)

this day of 20


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