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Officially recognized foreign seed testing laboratories

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The Canadian seed certification system relies on accredited industry personnel and laboratories to perform various activities that result in traceable information being generated for official seed certification (labelling with an official seed tag and/or a Canada pedigreed grade name). The principal activities concerned, following official certification of the seed crop, are seed sampling, seed testing, grading, labelling and documentation.

Seed laboratories must meet the requirements set out in the Seed Laboratory Accreditation and Audit Protocol (SLAAP) in order to be accredited by CFIA. This document establishes a quality system-based approach to laboratory accreditation based on the ISO Guide 17025. There are approximately 35 seed laboratories in Canada accredited pursuant to the SLAAP that test seed in support of the Canadian seed certification program.

The Seed Testing Laboratory Accreditation Standard (STLAS) of the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) is considered by the CFIA to be equivalent to the SLAAP. Similarly, the Accredited Seed Laboratory (ASL) Program of the United States Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Marketing Service (USDA-AMS) is also recognized as equivalent to the SLAAP.

The following foreign seed testing laboratories have applied to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for official recognition. Their facilities, testing protocols and personnel have been assessed under the STLAS by ISTA, the ASL Program by USDA-AMS or ISO/IEC: 17025. In all cases, a subsequent evaluation by CFIA confirmed adequate knowledge of the Canadian Methods and Procedures for Testing Seed. As a result, the reports of analysis issued by these laboratories may be used by an accredited grader to establish a Canadian pedigreed grade name for seed lots destined for marketing in Canada.

  • Sharon Davidson
    Agri Seed Testing
    1930 Davcor Ct. SE
    Salem, OR 97302
    Telephone: 503-585-1440
    Facsimile: 503-5880733
  • Sarah Dammen
    SGS Brookings
    236 32nd Ave.
    Brookings, SD 57006
    Telephone: 605-692-7611
    Facsimile: 605-692-7617
  • Laura Wood
    Corteva Agriscience
    Tipton Seed Quality Facility
    1000 West Jefferson Street
    Tipton, IN 46072
    Telephone: 765-675-2101
    Facsimile: 765-675-8767
  • Ryan Keever
    AgReliant Genetics, LLC
    418 North Jefferson Street
    Brimfield, IL 61517
    Telephone: 309-446-9830
    Facsimile: 309-446-3095
  • Matthew Conway
    Corteva Agroscience
    7150 NW 70th Avenue
    Johnstone, IA 50131-0227
    Telephone: 515-254-2796
    Facsimile: 515-254-2789
  • Paula Moore
    Washington State Department of Agriculture
    Seed Program
    21 14 1st Ave.
    Yakima, WA 98902
    Telephone: 509-429-6950
    Facsimile: 509-454-4395
  • Oregon State University Seed Laboratory
    3291 SW Campus Way
    Telephone: 541-737-4464
    Facsimile: 541-737-2126
  • Steve Beals
    Illinois Crop Improvement Association
    3105 Research Road
    Champaign, Illinois 61822
    Telephone: 217-359-4053
    Facsimile: 217-359-4075
  • Phani Bangalore
    Turf Tech Inc.
    PO Box 287 Tangent, OR 97389
    Telephone: 541-926-3959
    Facsimile: 541-926-5370
  • Melissa Phillips
    Bayer Crop Science
    460 E. Adams St.
    Waterman, IL 60556
    Telephone: 815-264-8106
    Fax: 815-264-8103
  • Nicolette Hard
    BioDiagnostics, Inc.
    507 Highland Drive
    River Falls, WI 54022
    Telephone: 715-426-0246
    Fax: 715-426-0251
  • Laura Carlson
    SoDak Labs Inc.
    236 32nd Avenue
    Brookings, SK 57006
    Telephone: 605-690-2758
    Fax: 605-690-2758
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