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Inadvertent release of unapproved PNTs

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Seed companies must inform the CFIA when routine quality control testing identifies novel traits unapproved in Canada. This allows the CFIA to work with the seed companies to resolve any outstanding regulatory issues resulting from the detection of unapproved novel traits. For example, it may be necessary to place the seed production field under post-harvest restrictions to reduce the risk of persistence of the unapproved novel trait. Withdrawal of seed from the marketplace, international notifications and tracebacks may also be necessary to satisfy Canadian domestic requirements as well as our obligations to trading partners.

Recognizing that inadvertent release of unapproved plants with novel traits (PNTs) could occur, the CFIA is committed to working with the seed and associated industries to ensure timely and effective remedial actions. Failure to notify the CFIA of the inadvertent release of unapproved PNTs is a serious contravention of the Seeds Regulations and will be handled accordingly.

If, through quality control testing, it appears that an inadvertent release of unapproved PNTs may have occurred or is likely to occur, you are required to immediately notify your local office of the CFIA.

Originally issued May 3, 2001 (Notice to Canadian Seed Companies)

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