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Leaf Flowers Plant
Sprout Sliced tuber Tuber


Botanical Features

Agricultural Features

High yielding variety. Medium to long dormancy period. Medium specific gravity. Good storability, good retention of red skin color. Adequate warming of seed (at least 7 to 10 days) prior to planting is essential to obtain uniform emergence. Relatively close seed spacing will help optimize yield and tuber size. Slow emergence but grows rapidly. Tuberization occurs early and tubers bulk at a rapid rate early in the season.

Resistant to second growth; rarely exhibits hollow heart, internal discoloration or black spot. Adapted to irrigated areas of the west. Moderately tolerant to drought. Tubers tend to develop excessive netting under dry soil conditions resulting in a brownish and unattractive appearance.

Reaction to Disease

Resistant: net necrosis.
Moderately resistant: leaf roll, PVY, early blight tuber rot.
Moderately susceptible: PVX, fusarium dry rot, bacterial soft rot.
Susceptible: common scab, early blight, late blight, verticillium wilt, blackleg, seed-piece decay, silver scurf.

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