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Russet Norkotah

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Leaf Flowers Plant
Sprout Tuber Sliced tuber


Botanical Features

Agricultural Features

Medium yielding variety, attractive appearance, uniform tuber size and shape. Wide adaptability. Resistant to hollow heart. Low to medium specific gravity. Good storability. Medium dormancy period.

Tuber shape and type are very appropriate for the count-carton market. Not well suited for processing.

Reaction to Disease

Resistant: Columbia root-knot nematode.
Good resistance: common scab, silver scurf.
Moderately resistant: leaf roll net necrosis, PVY.
Susceptible: most viruses, late blight, early blight, verticillium wilt, potato wart.

Note: this variety has the ability to carry potato virus Y (PVY) without expressing symptoms. In replicated trials, PVY infection of 25% of the plants did not significantly reduce yield, grade or specific gravity. A faint mosaic may be observed under optimum conditions.

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