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PI-005 1st Revision: Inspection Procedure Seed Potato Inspection Manual

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0.0 Introduction

This manual specifies the procedures that inspectors must follow to inspect field crops, nuclear stock class crops and facilities, to conduct bin and harvest inspections including sampling, as well as how to carry out tuber inspections. Included in this manual is information on plant morphology, related pathology, biotechnology and standards for tuber inspection. The roles and responsibilities of inspectors and clients are also included in this manual. This manual has been designed so that every chapter is a manual in itself. Each chapter is complete with definitions and forms that pertain specifically to that chapter. This allows the inspector to carry specific chapters to the field as reference.

1.0 Scope

Once a seed potato crop has been entered into the Canadian Seed Potato Certification Program it is inspected to determine whether or not it meets the standards outlined in the Seeds Regulations Part II under the Seeds Act. This manual provides inspectors with the necessary background information to verify compliance with the various Acts while conducting their crop inspections.

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The following references can be accessed through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Website:

Potato Section:

3.0 Definitions, Abbreviations and Acronyms

Definitions for terms used in the present document can be found in the Plant Health Glossary of Terms

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