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PI-005: Chapter 5 - Seed Potato Crop Inspection
3.1 Training for Crop Inspection

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In order to qualify to perform seed potato crop inspection, the inspector must have completed the appropriate training which includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Become familiar with the Seeds Regulations Part II - Seed Potatoes, C.R.C., c.1400 and directives related to the seed potato program, including the PI-005: Seed Potato Manual.
  2. Have participated in the national seed potato training session e.g.: Ridgetown.
    • For new inspectors, participation at the Ridgetown training is mandatory (preferably within their first two years of working in the program).
    • For experienced inspectors (more than three years of experience), participation every 5 years for a refresher is recommended. Also, participation as a leader is recommended as a developmental opportunity for inspectors with extensive experience.
  3. The two first years of crop inspection must be done in collaboration with a senior/mentor inspector. (mentoring/shadowing process).
    • The first year of potato crop inspection must be done accompanied by an experienced inspector.
    • During the second year of potato field inspection, the inspector should be under periodic surveillance and mentoring by an experienced inspector.
  4. When scheduled, participate in training session planned by the Operations Branch and the Policy and Program Branch before the crop inspection season starts.
  5. Prior to doing seed potato crop inspections on their own, newly trained inspectors should undergo a regional evaluation to ensure they are qualified to conduct the inspection by themselves.
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