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PI-005: Chapter 5 - Seed Potato Crop Inspection
Appendix 4: Inspector's Field Notes (CFIA/ACIA 1298; book order form)

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image - Inspector's Field Notes. Description follows.
Description for Inspector's Field Notes

This is an image of the Inspector's Field Notes (CFIA/ACIA 1298). The form contains space for the CFIA file number, the name and address of the grower, variety inspected, total hectares, seed potato certification number, origin of seed, and space for the CFIA inspector's signature and date of each inspection. This form is used by a CFIA inspector to collect information while performing a first, second and third crop inspections such as: early blight, late blight, Rhizoctonia, tip burn, aphids, Colorado potato beetle, variety integrity, virus content, possible varietal mixture, overall crop condition (stand, vigour, and cultivation), mosaic, leaf roll, black leg, wilts, and planter misses as well as abnormal plant symptoms, environmental factors, etc. The results are recorded on this form and used by the CFIA to determine if the observations are consistent with the class intended and the class issued is recorded on the form, or the reason for rejection is indicated. All information on the Inspector's Field Notes that is pertinent to the final classification and designation of that crop is transcribed onto the Report of Field Inspection (CFIA/ACIA 1284).

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