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PI-005: Chapter 5 - Seed Potato Crop Inspection
Appendix 3: Disinfection Report (CFIA/ACIA 2415)

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image - Disinfection Report. Description follows.
Description for Disinfection Report

This is an image of the CFIA Disinfection Report (CFIA/ACIA 2415) that is filled out by the CFIA to document that cleaning and disinfection was supervised by a CFIA inspector before the arrival of seed potatoes on a farm unit in Canada. The form includes space for the grower name, address, date, space for a list of potato lots that are positive, contact, or other status, the number and variety in each, space to provide dates of partial or complete disinfection was completed, space for a list of containers, equipment, vehicles and buildings that were disinfected, the grower's signature, remarks, treatment used and the CFIA inspector's signature.

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