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PI-005: Appendix A – Seed Potato and Relative Plant Protection Policy Directives

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In the present version of this appendix, contact information, references to specific organizations within the CFIA, and references to other documents or policies may not be current. This information will be updated at the time of the next revision of this appendix. Please contact the CFIA for any questions or further information.

Policy on the Issuance of Phytosanitary Certificates
Seed Potato Program - Certification of garden potato varieties in Canada
Import requirements for seed potatoes and other potato propagative material
Seed Potato Certification Program - Bacterial ring rot testing program for field grown potatoes
Seed Potato Certification Program - Requirements for the production of pre-Elite seed potatoes from sources other than Nuclear Stock
Production, maintenance, multiplication and certification of nuclear stock seed potatoes
Application, Procedures, Issuance and Use of a Permit To Import Under the Plant Protection Act
Import Permit Requirements for Plants with Novel Traits (including Transgenic plants) and their products
Phytosanitary requirements for the importation and domestic movement of non-propagative potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) and related potato articles, including associated soil
Seed Potatoes - Interim program to recognize laboratories to do virus and viroid testing
Phytosanitary Requirements for Soil and Related Matter, Alone or in Association with Plants
Seed Potato Certification Program - Investigation procedure after Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus has been detected on a seed potato farming unit
Seed Potato Certification Program - Submission/Refund of Fees for Field Inspection
Seed Potato Certification Program - Inspection of Tubers
Seed Potato Certification Program - Inspection of non-entered fields
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