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D-00-03: Import Requirements from the United States and Domestic Movement Requirements for Material to Prevent the Introduction of Eastern Filbert Blight into British Columbia

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has identified Anisogramma anomala (eastern filbert blight) for deregulation. The CFIA will be consulting with stakeholders on a Risk Management Document beginning February, 2019. The requirements described in directive D-00-03 (dated May 4, 2006) remain in effect pending a regulatory decision by the CFIA.

In the present version of the directive, contact information, references to specific organizations within the CFIA, and references to other documents or policies may not be current. Please contact your local CFIA office for additional information.

D-00-03: Import requirements from the United States and domestic movement requirements for material to prevent the introduction of eastern filbert blight into British Columbia

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