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Before you request a Pest Risk Analysis

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) requires a Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) to be completed before new products from new origins may be imported. As a first step before initiating this process, please review how we evaluate fruits, vegetables and plants from new countries of origin.

If you are interested in requesting a PRA for a horticulture product (e.g. fresh fruit or vegetables, plants intended for planting), please review the preparedness checklist below. These factors will influence the likelihood that a PRA can be completed successfully and will be used to prioritize the PRA requests received by the CFIA.

Preparedness checklist

Additional points for Canadian importers

Additional points for NPPOs of exporting countries

Requesting a Pest Risk Analysis

If, based on this checklist, you are interested in requesting a PRA, please see the contact information below. You will be asked to complete a prioritization questionnaire with points similar to those listed above. You may also submit any supporting documents, such as descriptions of systems approaches already in use in the exporting country or letters of support from importers, exporters or the NPPO of the exporting country.

Please note that PRA requests received by the CFIA may be shared publicly (e.g. in order to discuss prioritization of requests with relevant industry sectors). Personal information will not be shared, but general points such as the products and countries requested may be.

Canadian importers: Contact the CFIA's Horticulture Section.

NPPOs of exporting countries: Contact the International Plant Protection Convention contact point for Canada.

Exporters in foreign countries: Contact your country's NPPO to indicate your interest. Alternatively, if you are working with an interested Canadian importer, the importer may contact the CFIA as indicated above.

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