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Horticulture: exporting and certification

Canadian Fruit Tree Export Program (CFTEP)

The CFTEP is an audit based program which uses integrated pest risk management measures as the basis for the phytosanitary certification of fruit trees. The CFTEP is a stand-alone program. However, it is also designed to be compatible with the Canadian Nursery Certification Program (CNCP).

Canadian Greenhouse Certification Program (CGCP)

The CGCP is a phytosanitary certification program for greenhouses that export low-risk indoor foliage and flowering plants to the U.S. The CGCP allows designated greenhouses to export greenhouse plants to the U.S. under an export certification label in lieu of a traditional CFIA Phytosanitary Certificate.

The United States – Canada Greenhouse-Grown Plant Certification Program (GCP) is replacing the CGCP. There is a 2-year period for CGCP facilities to transition to the GCP. Applications for authorization will be accepted until December 1, 2019 and the transition period will be completed December 1, 2020. The CGCP export certification option will continue to be available until the end of the 2-year transition period. At the end of the transition period, the CGCP will be cancelled.

United States – Canada Greenhouse-Grown Plant Certification Program (GCP)

The GCP is an export certification option for authorized facilities to ship greenhouse-grown plants to the United States using an export certification label in lieu of a CFIA issued Phytosanitary Certificate. The GCP is a systems approach that utilizes integrated pest risk management measures to prevent the movement of regulated pests with certified plants. The GCP was launched in 2018 and replaces the Canadian Greenhouse Certification Program (CGCP).

Canadian Nursery Certification Program (CNCP)

The CNCP is a phytosanitary certification program for Canadian nurseries and greenhouses that ship nursery stock to the United States or to other certified facilities within Canada. The CNCP uses a Phytosanitary Management System to minimize pest risks so that plants consistently meet U.S. import requirements. The program offers an alternative to traditional phytosanitary certification for shipments to the U.S.

Export of other horticulture products

Export certification requirements for horticulture products are based on pests of concern to the importing country. Requirements may vary from one destination to another.

Export certification requirements may need to be negotiated with the importing country for some horticulture products like fresh fruits (such as apples, cherries, blueberries) and vegetables (such as peppers, tomatoes).

Get the export certification requirements for horticulture products.

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