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Importing tree and shrub seed into Canada

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The import of any plant material, including seed, can present a plant health risk to Canadian agricultural and forestry resources. Each commodity is reviewed in light of plant health concerns and where required, appropriate import regulations are implemented to address the risk. Seed and seed debris can act as a pathway for the movement of pests and allow pests of quarantine significance to gain entry.

The seed of some plants is prohibited as the plant health risk can not be mitigated. Seed of Prunus, and Rhamus is prohibited for Plum pox virus and Crown rust of oats, respectively. Prohibited seed will be identified when screening the application for a plant health import permit.

Canadian import requirements for tree and shrub seed

From off-continent sources

A section 32 plant health permit to import for each country of propagation is required. Import permits will be valid for 3 years. Import permits will be issued for various exporters within the country of propagation.

From the continental United States

For tree and shrub seed propagated in the United States: Please consult the Automated Import Reference System (AIRS) for specific requirements.

For research purposes

Section 43 plant health permits to import can be processed and issued for imports of tree and shrub seed for scientific research, educational, processing, industrial or exhibition.

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