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Notice to industry: full implementation of the shipborne dunnage program

November 6, 2023

The CFIA published the ninth revision of D-98-08 Entry requirements for wood packaging material into Canada on January 6, 2023.  The new version introduced requirements for a new shipborne dunnage program. A 10-month transition period was established to allow the industry to develop preventive control plans, identify and solve implementation issues, and obtain designation from the CFIA. 

Today marks the end of the transition period and the beginning of the full implementation of the Canadian shipborne dunnage program. Marine vessels entering Canadian waters and intending to discharge shipborne dunnage must now notify the CFIA at least 96 hours in advance. In addition, shipborne dunnage can only be discharged at CFIA-designated terminals.

Details are provided in the directive. Please contact your local CFIA office for more information on the shipborne dunnage program. 

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