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Notice to industry – Updates to the Fertilizers Regulations now final

November 13, 2020 – The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has updated the Fertilizers Regulations. The amendments are posted in the Canada Gazette, Part II.

The changes being made to the regulations reduce red tape and provide more flexibility to industry through a risk-based approach that focuses on product safety and environmental protection. They also address issues related to business competitiveness, administrative burden and timeliness highlighted in the 2018 Fall Economic Statement and the Government's Regulatory Review Roadmap.

The CFIA is also making it easier for industry to submit, track and pay for new product registrations through My CFIA, the CFIA's secure and convenient digital platform. In order to take advantage of the new fertilizer and supplement online services, industry will need to sign up for a My CFIA account.

During a three-year transition, industry can choose to comply with either the old or the updated regulations on a product by product basis. Guidance on how to meet regulatory requirements during the transition period is available on the CFIA website.

The CFIA actively engaged with manufacturers, importers, distributors and other stakeholders, including the Canadian Fertilizer Products Forum, in developing the regulatory amendments.

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