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Amending a fertilizer or supplement registration under the "old" Fertilizers Regulations: Overview

"Old" Fertilizers Regulations

Until October 26, 2023 regulated parties can comply with either the:

Applicants can only apply for new product registrations and re-registrations under the "new" regulations.

Applicants can still amend existing registrations under the "old"regulations.

What is fertilizer or supplement registration

Some fertilizers and most supplements need mandatory pre-market assessment and registration before importation or sale in Canada.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) conducts product assessments to verify product compliance with the Fertilizers Act, regulations and prescribed standards. As part of product assessment, CFIA officials evaluate safety information/data and review the product label.

CFIA officials will consider the following when reviewing product safety:

  • all ingredients in the product (both active and inert)
  • potential contaminants
  • degradation products


Refer to Part 5 of the CFIA Fees Notice for Fertilizers Fees

Processing time

Processing times vary depending on submission type. Review the appendices of service delivery standards for fertilizer and supplement registration for more information.

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