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Directive 10-06: Approved for use in organic agriculture

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Intended for: CFIA designated CVBs, CFIA accredited CBs and all operations under Canada Organic Regime

Effective Date: July 08, 2019
2nd Revision

Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Canada Organic Regime
1400 Merivale Road
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1A 0Y9

1.0 Purpose and scope

This directive outlines the requirements for certification of organic products when inputs bear the claim "permitted for use" or "approved for use in organic agriculture" and clarifies authorities provided to certification bodies (CBs) under the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR).

2.0 Authority

Reference documents:

3.0 Background

Pursuant to Division 4 of the SFCR, CFIA accredited certification bodies are responsible for the certification of food commodities and organic product packaging and labelling certification. The SFCR does not provide the authority for CBs to certify, approve or permit non-agricultural products or services.

Claims that a product is "permitted or approved" for use in organic agriculture production implies that the product complies with the PSL. Many substances in the PSL have restrictions on their use which would not be accurately reflected in such an "approval or certification." These claims may be considered misleading as they may imply that the product was approved or permitted in accordance with Canadian Organic Standards or that there is government oversight when this is not the case. It is the responsibility of the operator and the CB to ensure that inputs in organic products comply with the SFCR.

4.0 Roles and responsibilities

CFIA accredited certification bodies will be responsible for the application of this directive. They are responsible for ensuring that inputs in the production of organic products comply with the SFCR.

CFIA designated conformity verification bodies will be responsible for monitoring the certification activities of the CFIA accredited certification bodies.

5.0 Activities

Certification bodies

As per sections 345 and 348 of the SFCR, CBs must verify that all inputs used in the production and processing of organic products are those set out in, and used in the manner described in CAN/CGSB 32.311.

This includes the verification of inputs or products bearing claims such as: "approved" or "permitted for use in organic agriculture."

Conformity verification body

CVB shall review the verification procedures and records during each onsite audit of the certification body.

6.0 Inquiries

Inquiries concerning this directive should be addressed to the Canada Organic Regime.

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