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Canadian Food Inspection Agency peer review report on Switzerland's organic system – 2017
4. On-site assessment protocol

The CFIA's audit team planned and conducted the on-site assessment in a manner which allowed the team to obtain sufficient information to confirm the observations and conclusions described thereafter. The on-site peer review was conducted in accordance with Canada's Organic Regime peer review procedure and included:

Organisations visited in Switzerland by the CFIA's audit team during the on-site peer review
Organisation Date
Competent Authority the FOAG and the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS), FOAG Headquarters, Bern May 8, 2017
CB 1 – Headquarters May 9, 2017
CA - Office for Consumer Protection May 9, 2017
Organic livestock farm May 9, 2017
CB 2 – Headquarters May 10, 2017
Organic seed, livestock and solar farm May 11, 2017
Operation processing organic fruit and vegetable juices May 10, 2017
Operation manufacturing dehydrated organic fruit and vegetable products May 11, 2017

As part of the on-site verification, the CFIA audit team reviewed each level of Switzerland's organic system (administration, accreditation, certification and production) to confirm that the responsible authorities have the necessary controls in place to ensure compliance with the OFO. In doing so, the team:

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