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Canada Organic Regime import requirements

Anyone who imports organic products must be able to present a valid organic certificate when requested at any time, including at the time of import.

The organic certificate must be issued by a certification body that is accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), or by an accredited certification body recognized under an existing organic equivalency agreement between Canada and a foreign country.

The organic product certificate must include the name of the product being imported, be issued by the Certification Body that certified the product as organic and, must accompany each shipment of organic products.

Starting in 2022, importers of organic commodities for which the import requirements are included in AIRS will be required to submit a digital copy of the organic product certificate when declaring organic products online using the Integrated Import Declaration system.

The format of organic product certificates can vary depending on where the product is imported.

Latest updates for importers and brokers of organic products

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