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Inspection and enforcement

Procedures for our staff, getting ready for an inspection of your business, how we enforce policy and recent investigations.


Guidance for food inspectors

Procedures and responses to risk or when a business does not comply.

Inspection guides for industry

How to be ready if you produce, process, import, or export food or transport animals.

Get ready for your inspection

What to expect before, during, and after an inspection.

Food safety investigation and recall process

How we act if there is a safety issue with food.

Aquatic animal disease investigations

Steps when we investigate a suspected case of aquatic animal disease.

Inspections for buyers of shipped produce

Get an inspection of fresh fruit or vegetables.

Livestock feeds

National Feed Inspection Program, industry and inspector guidance, reports, and policy clarification.


Inspection procedures, specific work instructions, licensing, oversight, sampling, trade certification, industrial hemp.


Manuals, procedures, compliance, biosecurity, and plant protection policy directives.


Enforcement activities

Monetary penalties, suspensions, cancellations, charges laid, prosecution bulletins, and reports.

Food safety investigations

Reports on food safety incidents that have caused serious illnesses.

Food enforcement framework

How we will enforce the new food regulations.

Compliance and Enforcement Policy

The principles, roles, functions and ways we enforce regulations.

Compliance continuum

How we work with industry, granting permissions, promoting and verifying compliance, responding to non-compliance, and recourse.


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