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Women in Science: vlog with Dr. Kalhari Bandara-Goonewardene

1, 2, 3…“Go science!” Do you love science as much as our own Dr. Bandara-Goonewardene? Watch her vlog to learn why this topic is near and dear to her heart.

Women in Science: Vlog with Dr. Kalhari Bandara-Goonewardene – Transcript

Dr. Kalhari Bandara-Goonewardene
Research Scientist, Winnipeg Laboratory, CFIA

Hi, everyone. My name is Kalhari and I'm a postdoctoral research scientist at CFIA. My job is very interesting.

I'm also a vet, so with that background, I get to work with animals and also I learn on a daily basis new things about diagnosing important diseases in animals. I used to work with chickens as a PhD student and now here at CFIA I get to work with pigs.

The most important reason to learn science is to understand the world in a more realistic way. We can get to know a little bit better about what we eat, about our bodies, the animals, the food and pretty much everything without guessing or assuming. We will learn the real facts through science.

It's very important that children learn science and the background, not just to have a career in science, but also have a general understanding about everything, pretty much, happening in the world right now.

So, go science!

[End of recording]

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