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Do you have what it takes to be a superhero?

In the battle against enemies like bacteria, food pathogens, plant pests, invasive species and animal diseases, who can we turn to for help?

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency's (CFIA) brave team of superheroes, of course!

Not all superheroes wear capes. Every day, they stop at nothing to keep our food, plants and animals safe. From inspectors to scientists to technology experts, they all play an important role in protecting Canada's people, environment and economy.

It's a big job, so they're constantly looking for helpers like you. Are you ready to meet the superheroes already on the case and join their mission?

If you accept this challenge, download their trading cards below, exchange with your friends, and collect them all!

Everyday superheroes (2022)

Latika Mogla - trading cardLatika Mogla

Dr. Aman Deep - trading cardDr. Aman Deep

Fred Jamieson - trading cardFred Jamieson

Penelope Kirsch - trading cardPenelope Kirsch

Ndeye Marie Diallo - trading cardNdeye Marie Diallo

Lyna Tardif - trading cardLyna Tardif

Jean-Louis Michaud - trading cardJean-Louis Michaud

Caroline Simard - trading cardCaroline Simard

Carol Trottier - trading cardCarol Trottier

Bruno Gallant - trading cardBruno Gallant

Dr. El Mehdi Haddou - trading cardDr. El Mehdi Haddou

Melissa Boudrias - trading cardMelissa Boudrias

Dr. Sharon Calvin - trading cardDr. Sharon Calvin

Tricia Klatt - trading cardTricia Klatt

Jasmine Mander - trading cardJasmine Mander

Karine Arsenault - trading cardKarine Arsenault

Dr. Joseph Stinziano - trading cardDr. Joseph Stinziano

Lindsay Happyjack - trading cardLindsay Happyjack

Anthony Valles - trading cardAnthony Valles

Shae Wasliw - trading cardShae Wasliw

Angel Huang - trading cardAngel Huang

Genevieve Lebrun - trading cardGeneviève Lebrun

Dr. Carmencita Lake - trading cardDr. Carmencita Lake

Hans Yu - trading cardHans Yu

Anas Zaman - trading cardAnas Zaman

Noelle Smith - trading cardNoelle Smith

Wei Ke - trading cardWei Ke

Dr. Yves Robinson - trading cardDr. Yves Robinson

Ray Knight - trading cardRay Knight

Marion Smith - trading cardMarion Smith

Dr. Siddika Mithani - trading cardDr. Siddika Mithani

Dr. Naheda Sahtout - trading cardDr. Naheda Sahtout

Sharan Sandhu - trading cardSharan Sandhu

Tracy Lawrence - trading cardTracy Lawrence

Dr. Caitlyn Best - trading cardDr. Caitlyn Best


Super squad (2020)

Dr. Aruna Ambagala - trading cardDr. Aruna Ambagala
"Viral Super Thinker"

Janice Koziuk - trading cardJanice Koziuk
"Influenza Investigator"

Janessa Emerson - trading cardJanessa Emerson
"Seed Sherlock"

Jennifer Neudorf - trading cardJennifer Neudorf
"Seed Sleuth"

Dr. Kalhari Bandara - trading cardDr. Kalhari Bandara
"Mammavian Protector"

Leanne Duncan - trading cardLeanne Duncan
"Data Wizard"

Dr. Loren Matheson - trading cardDr. Loren Matheson
"Action Ally"

Dr. Pierre Bilodeau - trading cardDr. Pierre Bilodeau

Dr. Yohannes Berhane - trading cardDr. Yohannes Berhane
"Molecular Master"

Lindsey Lamboo and Orlando Perez - trading cardDynamic Duo: Lindsey Lamboo and Orlando Perez
"Sequencing Squad"

Team Mammavians - trading cardTeam Mammavians
"Mammalian-Avian Ailment Prevention Force"

Mighty heroes (2019)

Printable version of trading cards in colour – PDF (6.35 MB)

Allana Loder - trading card Allana Loder

Carol Tang - trading card Carol Tang

Erin Tangorra - trading card Erin Tangorra

Gina Benedict - trading card Gina Benedict

Laura Lalonde - trading card Laura Lalonde

Mireille Marcotte - trading card Mireille Marcotte

Nishandan Yogasingam - trading card Nishandan Yogasingam

Vaughn Arthur - trading card Vaughn Arthur

Matt Cowie - trading card Matt Cowie

Guillaume Bilodeau - trading card Guillaume Bilodeau


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