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A student's perspective: entomology at the CFIA

By Kiersten DeViller

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My name is Kiersten DeViller, and I'm in my third year studying Biology at Carleton University. I'm hoping to pursue a career in entomology – I think that insects are the most incredible group of animals. Their diverse behaviour and morphology is endlessly fascinating.

This past summer, I had the chance to work as a student with Dr. Erin Campbell in CFIA's Entomology Research Lab, part of the Ottawa Plant Laboratory. To be completely honest, when I heard about the position, I didn't even know that CFIA had an entomology lab – but, working with them this summer taught me that, not only do they exist, but they also do some pretty cool stuff! My summer was filled with new experiences and so many beetles, so here's a little snapshot of what it looked like.

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