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A sustainable future rooted in healthy soil

A sustainable future rooted in healthy soil – Transcript

On-screen text: Life depends on many things, like sun and water. But the unsung hero is soil – healthy soil.

Soil is a rich, living ecosystem.

It stores carbon dioxide from the air, which is the main greenhouse gas causing climate change.

It offers protection from extreme weather by holding and retaining water.

It's home to insects, fungi, bacteria, plants and so much more. Some help our ecosystems. Others can spread disease.

Science is key to protecting our soil, agriculture, forests and the environment.

At the CFIA, we regulate fertilizers, supplements and other products that could end up in our soil.

And we act quickly to protect your surroundings from the damage of invasive pests. That means putting limits on where soil and plants can move, and refusing high-risk products at the border.

You can help, too, by cleaning soil off your shoes and camping equipment before travelling to or within Canada.

At home, you can compost and watch for invasive plants and pests in your own garden.

So let's dig in – together.

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