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Tackling food fraud

Food fraud may occur when food is misrepresented—and it happens globally. Here's how the CFIA and the public can work together to combat it.

Tackling food fraud – Transcript

Narrator: Have you heard of food fraud?

Food fraud can happen anywhere, including here in Canada.

Food fraud may occur when food is misrepresented, like labelling farmed salmon as wild, or claiming a product is organic when it hasn't been certified.

Canada is recognized for having one of the safest food systems and is taking measures to tackle food fraud.

Food fraud is a global issue. It's estimated to cost the global food industry between 10 and 15 billion dollars every year, affecting about 10 percent of all commercially sold food.

When food fraud happens, food businesses and consumers may be paying for a product that is actually of lower quality or not what they think it is.

Food fraud can also pose a serious health risk. For example, if a food allergen is added to food but isn't identified on the label, it can be a health risk to someone with that food allergy.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency takes food fraud seriously and is working with industry to protect Canadians from it.

Industry works to make sure they comply with Canada's regulatory requirements when it comes to food and take their role seriously.

Combating food fraud requires us all to play a role, including consumers. Visit our website to learn more at

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