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The CFIA is responsible for regulating the safety and quality of food, animal and plant health in Canada. CFIA's official Guidance Documents provide the Agency's functional direction to its front line staff regarding their compliance verification activities. They also provide guidance to regulated parties regarding program requirements.

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A note on Food Guidance

The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations came into force on January 15, 2019. As a result, the CFIA has developed updated guidance for food. This information is now available in the Guidance Finder: Food.

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Document Name Activities Date modified Type
D- 95-03: Plant protection policy for marine vessels arriving in Canada from areas regulated for AGM (Lymantria dispar, Lymantria albescens, Lymantria postalba, Lymantria umbrosa) Additional Information, Other Invasive Species, Pests, Policy Directives, Regulated Pests 2022-01-19 HTML
Invasive Plants Policy Invasive Plants, Policy Directives, Regulated Pests 2012-02-20 HTML
RMD-11-05 : Taraxacum kok-saghyz (Russian dandelion) in Canada Additional Information, Invasive Plants, Policy Directives, Regulated Pests, Risk Management 2014-06-19 HTML
D-12-01: Phytosanitary Requirements to Prevent the Introduction of Plants Regulated as Pests in Canada Invasive Plants, Policy Directives, Regulated Pests 2019-10-28 HTML
AGM Critical Response Plan
To Prevent the Incursion of AGM via Marine Vessels
Additional Information, Other Invasive Species, Policy Directives, Regulated Pests 2015-04-24 HTML
Interim phytosanitary requirements for in-transit shipments of plants and plant products of United States origin and in-transit shipments of foreign origin refused entry by the United States Policy Directives 2017-05-15 HTML
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