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The CFIA is responsible for regulating the safety and quality of food, animal and plant health in Canada. CFIA's official Guidance Documents provide the Agency's functional direction to its front line staff regarding their compliance verification activities. They also provide guidance to regulated parties regarding program requirements.

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A note on Food Guidance

The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations came into force on January 15, 2019. As a result, the CFIA has developed updated guidance for food. This information is now available in the Guidance Finder: Food.

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Document Name Activities Date modified Type
RMD-10-27: Pseudomonas syringae pv. aesculi (horse chestnut bleeding disease) Imports, Regulated Pests, Risk Management 2010-11-23 HTML
D- 98-01: Import Requirements for Seed Potatoes and Other Potato Propagative Material Imports, Policy Directives 2016-12-28 HTML
D-06-03: Import Requirements for Wheat, Barley, Triticale and Rye for Propagation Originating from the State of North Dakota and Approved Areas within the State of Montana Imports, Policy Directives 2014-02-21 HTML
D-05-02: Import requirements for wheat, triticale, rye and barley for non-propagative uses originating from the state of North Dakota and approved counties within the state of Montana Imports, Policy Directives 2014-02-21 HTML
D- 98-06: Interim Import Requirements of Parasitic Plants: Cuscuta, Striga, and Orobanche Imports, Policy Directives 2016-04-20 HTML
D-00-08: Requirements to Prevent the Introduction of undescribed species of Phytophthora pathogenic to Alder (Alnus spp.) Imports, Policy Directives, Regulated Pests 2013-08-13 HTML
D- 96-03: Plant Protection Import Requirements for Cannabis sativa Imports, Policy Directives 2014-08-14 HTML
D- 95-26: Phytosanitary Requirements for Soil and Soil-Related Matter, and for Items Contaminated with Soil and Soil-Related Matter Imports, Policy Directives 2019-04-10 HTML
D- 95-28: Plant Protection Import and Domestic Movement Requirements for Corn (Zea mays) Imports, Policy Directives 2022-04-14 HTML
D-11-01: Phytosanitary Requirements for Plants for Planting and Fresh Branches to Prevent the Entry and Spread of Anoplophora spp. Imports, Policy Directives, Regulated Pests 2020-07-29 HTML
D-08-04: Plant Protection Import Requirements for Plants and Plant Parts for Planting Imports, Policy Directives 2023-05-26 HTML
D- 97-04: Application, procedures, issuance and use of a permit to import under the Plant Protection Act Imports, Policy Directives 2023-05-10 HTML
D- 96-05: Phytosanitary Requirements for the Importation and Domestic Movement of Non-Propagative Potatoes (Solanum Tuberosum) and Related Potato Articles, Including Associated Soil Domestic Movement, Imports, Policy Directives 2022-05-05 HTML
D-01-01: Phytosanitary requirements to prevent the entry and spread of Phytophthora ramorum Imports, Policy Directives, Regulated Pests 2021-08-24 HTML
Importing plants and plant products: what you need to know Imports 2022-03-16 HTML
Validation of Plant Protection Import Permits Prior to Import Imports 2012-07-26 HTML
Before you apply for a permit to import plants or plant products Imports 2020-07-03 HTML
RMD-12-06: The addition of plant taxa to Canada's list of plants for planting that are not authorized for importation pending completion of a pest risk analysis Imports, Risk Management 2017-12-27 HTML
Draft - Framework for Canada-United States Perimeter Approach to Plant Protection Imports 2014-06-20 HTML
General Import Inspection Procedures for Plant Health Imports, Inspection Procedures 2013-12-16 HTML
RMD-12-07: Pest Risk Management Document to Deregulate Gymnosporangium fuscum Hedw. f., the cause of Pear Trellis Rust Imports, Risk Management 2014-06-04 HTML
D-12-02: Import Requirements for Potentially Injurious Organisms (Other than Plants) to Prevent the Importation of Plant Pests in Canada Imports, Policy Directives 2022-03-16 HTML
D-12-03: Domestic Requirements for Potentially Injurious Organisms (Other than Plants) to Prevent the Spread of Plant Pests Within Canada Imports, Policy Directives 2019-11-25 HTML
Appendix 1: Plant health requirements for the import into Canada of certain potentially injurious organisms Imports, Policy Directives 2024-01-29 HTML
Importing and handling invertebrates and micro-organisms Domestic Movement, Imports, Regulated Pests 2023-10-24 HTML
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