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Plant and plant product imports

Permits, policies, directives, and guidance for importing plants and plant products.


Services and information

Permits, policies, and procedures

Permits, national policy guidelines, import control, and enforcement.

Plant protection policy directives

Import requirements for all plant commodities.

Commercial importers

Programs, services, and guidance for commercial importers.

Importing plants and plant products

Information on plants and plant products you plan to bring into Canada.

Search import rules (AIRS)

Find commodities by classification, origin, destination and end use.


Importing wood packing material, tree and shrub seed, moving firewood, regulated pests, and directives.


Plant lists, risk management and analysis, directives, and rules for importing horticulture products.


Authorized importers, guidance and procedures for importing seed.

Plants with novel traits

Import requirements and permit application process.

International plant protection

Canada's role in international plant protection.

Protected species

Permits and rules for endangered species.


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