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AIRS end use codes

(Modified: May 10, 2021)

Automated import Reference System (AIRS) end use code must be submitted in the commodity details section of the declaration as per the rules in the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Electronic Commerce Client Requirements Document (ECCRD), the CFIA appendix, and AIRS.

AIRS End Use Codes and Descriptions
Code Description
01 Other end uses
02 Further processing
03 Glue (from starch)
04 Further processing for human consumption
05 Propagation (growing or sowing)
06 Canadian horses returning to Canada
07 Permanent stay in Canada
08 Human consumption
09 Animal feed
10 Screenings
11 Cleaning (for)
12 Religious purposes
14 Food service
19 Commercial
20 Breeding
21 Riding and pleasure (for horses)
22 Temporary stay in Canada
23 In special "training status"
24 Canadian animals returning to Canada
25 Feeding for slaughter
26 Immediate slaughter
27 In transit through Canada
28 Permanent importation after temporary US stay
29 Temporary importation after temporary US stay
30 Honey bee use
34 Bird feed
35 Scientific use (Research)
36 Ornamental use
37 Educational use
38 Industrial use (i.e. is not commercial use)
39 Packing material
40 Repacking
41 Display in a zoo
42 Use in ornaments or artifacts
43 Show or exhibition
44 Samples
45 Racing
46 Travellers & Personal use and not for resale or distribution
47 Resale
49 Manufacturing
51 Performance
52 Samples for testing
53 Canadian goods returning to Canada
54 Display in an aquarium
55 Institutional use
56 Retail use
57 Livestock feed
58 For fertilizing crops/plants
59 Propagation (growing or sowing) for personal use and not for resale
61 For fertilizer or supplement
64 Direct consumption
65 Cruise ships or conveyance/direct supply
66 Research (genetically modified organism not authorized for unconfined release)
67 Research (Not genetically modified organism)
68 Imported for special purposes under section 43 - Plant Protection Regulations
69 Pet food manufacturing
71 Aquaculture feed
72 For agricultural use (product not listed in Schedule II, single-ingredient fertilizer)
73 For agricultural use (product not listed in Schedule II, mixed fertilizer)
74 For agricultural use (product listed in Schedule II)
75 For use or sale as a Specialty Fertilizer
77 For resale as fertilizer
78 For use in a food product
81 In Transit through Canada to a third country
82 In transit through Canada to the US
83 To be fed to sled dogs for competitions taking place north of the 60th parallel.
84 Commercial use on a Farm or Ranch
86 For resale as an agricultural-use fertilizer
87 For resale as a specialty fertilizer
88 Natural health product/drug from fish
89 Research (genetically modified organism authorized for unconfined release)
90 Other End Uses - imported with bark
91 Other End Uses - imported without bark
92 Lab and zoo animal feed
93 Decorative purposes
94 For cosmetic or medicinal purposes
95 Retail sale - for animal consumption
96 For breeding purposes, not for direct retail sale
97 Conditioning (other than cleaning)
98 Non-viable, for decorative purposes
99 Not used, packaged, destined for use as a commodity
100 Other than livestock feed
101 Aquarium - commercial
102 Aquarium - private
103 Live bait
104 Dead bait
105 Ceremonial or religious use
106 Culture
107 Diagnostic testing
108 Display in a zoo or public aquarium
109 Outdoor holding unit - commercial
110 Outdoor holding unit - private
111 Feeding aquatic animals to aquatic animals
114 Impoundment
115 In transit
116 Manufacturing feed for aquatic animals
117 Research and educational use
118 Stocking, enhancement or refresh
119 Feeding for slaughter - terminal feedlot
121 For meat smoking or wine making purposes (without bark)
126 For direct application to the soil by importer and not for sale in Canada
127 Manufacturing and further processing
129 Resale / Adoption
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